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Experience the one-of-a-kind Neon Naked exploratory life drawing class happening weekly in London. Dive into the world of psychedelic neons for a truly unique drawing experience.


We provide art supplies, including essentials like pencils, paper, and drawing boards. Feel free to bring your own, and make your art pop with our fluorescent glowing neon pastels and pens!




We offer a diverse selection of art materials, including neon glowing pastels, pens, pencils, and paper. Additionally, you have the option to purchase extras such as black paper sketchbooks, metallic card, neon chalk pens, or your own pastel set to take home.



We provide lightweight A3 drawing boards, making it easy to move around and capture the perfect pose during the session.



Our sessions feature a professional life model adorned with UV-reactive neon face paint and fluorescent accessories, adding an electrifying dimension to your artistic experience.



We enhance the ambiance with a dynamic combination of LED ultraviolet light and LED colored lighting, creating a visually captivating atmosphere for your artistic exploration.



Our experienced tutor is always eager to assist, offering a variety of challenging yet inspiring optional drawing exercises to enhance your artistic skills and creativity.



Enjoy a selection of drinks, including high-end cocktails, available at all our venues for an additional cost. Please note that food is available at some, but not all locations.

This class embraces creative drawing, moving away from traditional perfectionist approaches in life drawing. Artists experiment with diverse image-making techniques, from continuous line to pointillism, encouraging them to think outside the box and craft unconventional imagery.


Neon Naked offers a distinct life drawing experience, specialising in crafting imaginative and unconventional designs through vibrant living sculptures. This unique approach combines UV light, reactive body paints, and flamboyant handcrafted accessories to spark creativity.

The class kicks off with lively and enjoyable drawing exercises to warm up your artistic senses. As the session progresses, participants delve into longer drawing times, exploring captivating life images and experimenting with colour, light, and texture.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, everyone is welcome. Our classes attract a diverse mix of artists, creative couples, adventurous individuals looking to try something new, and even students. Assistance is readily available for challenging poses.

Come and join us for a fun and friendly experience in a relaxed atmosphere. It's an affordable and exciting evening out for anyone seeking a unique and creative adventure.

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Neon Naked Life Drawing has been a thriving creative hub for 5 years, hosting hundreds of classes. For a glimpse into our journey and the fantastic experiences shared by our community, visit our official Facebook and Instagram pages for images, posts, and reviews from past events.

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Online Classes

online class

Explore Glowing Colour And Creative Drawing From Home.

You can draw from our 1-hour online class on Youtube!

Looking for something unique? Explore our distinct editorials in the gallery. 

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